PHP Wildcard Match in an Array

I was working with a list of wildcard banned domain names (e.g. * stored in a database. I needed to compare a submitted domain (e.g. to the wildcard entries stored in the database.

Essentially then I need the function in_array to perform with a wildcard match with the wildcards being the array haystack not the needle.

In the above example, I need the script to detect that is banned. Here’s what I did:

$bannedurl = false;

//The function fnmatch is useful here but is not available on Windows systems, so it must be defined if it does not exist.

   if (!function_exists('fnmatch')) {
       function fnmatch($pattern, $string) {
        return @preg_match('/^' . strtr(addcslashes($pattern, '.+^$(){}=!<>|'), array('*' => '.*', '?' => '.?')) . '$/i', $string);

//This function allows wildcards in the array to be searched
   function my_inArray($needle, $haystack) {
      foreach ($haystack as $value) {
       if (true === fnmatch($value, $needle)) {
        return true;
      return false;
   foreach ($wild_urls as $value) {
    $wild_urls[] = '*' . $value;

//An Example

   $wild_urls = array('*');
   $domain = '';

//Test it, returns true if the Domain is banned.

   if (my_inArray($domain, $wild_urls)) $bannedurl = true;

//Note, for the domain, you can do a straight MySQL query such as " ...... where domain like '%" . $domain . "' and domain not like '%_." . $domain . "' "

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